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Our Trip to Spain, 1992

In 1992 we came through Barcelona while the city was getting ready for the Olympics. Our train stopped there. I could not believe how clean the city was.

We made our way to Madrid. We were only passing through. We had a few hours to wait while we were waiting for our train to Portugal. We walked by a hotel. There was a major Latino conference, the buzz was about Fidel Castro being inside. We stayed in front of the hotel hoping that he will come out, but we never have seen him. We just got to see their expansive Mercedes Benz.

One of our memorable memories of this trip is when we had to take the train to Portugal. We had an EurailPass. We could travel for free everywhere in Europe. For some reason the train workers wanted extra money to travel to Portugal. We had to get rid of all our pesetas. We only had enough to buy a little bit of food. When it was time for the train worker to collect, I explained to him that we did not have enough money to pay him, which was true. He went away grumbling, every time he walked by us, we pretended that we were asleep. We only bought a little food, so he would believe us that we could not pay him. We ate the food only when he was not looking this game lasted until we arrived in Portugal. We thought this was really funny. Next we went to Portugal.

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I cut this picture
I cut this picture of the Mercedes of one dignitary

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Hotel were the country leaders were staying
We waited for Fidel to come out