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Our Trip to Avila and Madrid

I came to Spain with two friends that I had met in Portugal, Johanne and France Tranquille. Actually, I liked France she was a pretty girl, we dated for about a year after that. I came with them to Madrid in their rented car. We left Serredade near Coimbra, I had to get to the airport so I could go to Greece.

One of the first places we stopped was Avila. It was a worthwhile visit. We took many pictures by the town, circled by medieval walls. It is quite a remarkable city. The only one I could compare it to is Carcassonne one of the best in Europe. If you really want to experience the town you have stroll on top of its 11th-14th centuries walls. It's the romantic thing to do while you soak the views. We took some pictures there.

Once we reached Madrid we stayed at a hotel near the Plaza de Colon. We stayed at an old lady's house. We went to a nice restaurant, I had a date with France. She was stunning in her brown skirt and white blouse. Some guys were staring at her while we walked in the street. To insult me, they said that she had to be my sister.

Next day they brought me to the airport, I was somewhat nervous. I did not want to be late. To make things worse, one guy, a windshield washer, at a red light threw soaped water in our windshield. We could not see a thing, of course he wanted to get payed first before he could take the soap out . I was furious, we payed him a little bit. There are lot of beggars in Spain . Many are gypsies. I was relieved when I reached the airport in time. This was a short stay in Spain. I took the plain to Greece.

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Medieval walls of Avila
Medieval walls of Avila Hills of Eastern Spain
Hills of Eastern Spain

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Johanne and France Tranquille in Avila
Johanne and France Tranquille in Avila Hotel where we stayed in Madrid near Plaza de Colon
Hotel where we stayed in Madrid near Plaza de Colon