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Our Trip to Slovenia (2006)

We came to Slovenia from Austria with my daughter Isabelle. We crossed the border in Austria by Klagenfurt in a place called Loibl-Pass (German) and Ljubelj (Slovenian). The mountain pass is in the Karawakan region. The pass offers excellent views. The pass itself is quite scary. It is quite steep. You sometimes have the impression that your car may flip backwards.

We stayed at the camping in Radovljica, which had a huge swimming pool Russian style; we went to an awesome restaurant in the same town. We sat in patio and we got served excellent barbecued meat of all sorts more than I could eat. I quickly learned to appreciate their food.

We also went to the magnificient town of Bled, 5500 hundred people live there, the gate to the Julian Alps and the Triglav national park, the great mountain chain named for Cesar.

This idyllic lake (also called Bled) could not be more beautiful even if it was totally planned. We had a breakfast brunch very affordable with splendid views , from our restaurant, of the baroque Church of the Assumption on a tiny island called Blejske Otok. You can visit it by using a gondola with a "captain" (about ten euros for an hour and half trip). You can also rent a rowboat. Unfortunately we were pressed by time and we choose the trolley tour around the lake.

There is also the fairy tale medieval castle standing on a 130-meter cliff (427). It is suppose to be the second most visited tourist attraction in the country after the Postojna caves.

Later on we went to through the Lake Bohinj, Slovenia's largest, another great looking alpine lake. We made our way to the end of the road and somewhere we went into the Triglav National Park. When we reached the end it was very narrow and dangerous. I wanted to do some serious hiking, but Isabelle was not in the mood to hike. I finally convinced her, we stopped somewhere in the forest and we took a small hike. We had fun building an alter for the Lord a tradition of ours.

We also went to the ski hill, but I did not see much of the winter resort. Obviously it was closed for the summer. The Julian Alps are home to six major resorts.

Later on, we went to the caves of Postojnska Jama. I was shocked to see so many tourist buses in the parking lot. The word was out; it was obvious those caves were well-known. You have guides who speak many languages. I learned later that those caves were the most popular tourist attraction of the country. Some chambers are as big as football fields. A little blind white snake can also be found in the caves. Those caves have also been used during the war. Later on we left for the coast.

We went to a place called Izola by the Adriatic Sea. We stayed at a camping on top of a cliff called Belvedere overlooking the Bay of Trieste near Izola. It was about 18 euros a night if I am nor mistaken and they had room for 500 guest. They had all the services you could ask for. They had also an excellent restaurant beside it, the Belvedere Hotel. We had an excellent meal overlooking the Adriatic and the night lights of Izola. We payed 3200 for a variety of barbecued meats and plenty of wine. They also had musicians playing. I was thinking, There was no other place in the world that I wanted to be. Everything was so perfect as the sun was going down in the horizon. You could also walked to the sea, which was 600 meters away. At the bottom there was a nice bar restaurant just by the water many people were swimming in the rocky beach. Some girls were topless. It was dark, but it felt pretty good to jump in the water after a long day of travel. The water was a clean green. Not being a good swimmer, I noticed that I could float easily because of its heavy salt content. We went back to our campground through the dark narrow road. I made sure the cars could see me.

The next day we went for a swim in downtown Izola. It was very pretty to walk through the port of Izola. There was a beach with a lot of people and we decided to spend few hours there before taking off for Venice. It was a rocky beach; it hurt your feet pretty bad. The locals did not seem to mind they must have been used to it. To protect our feet we just decided to walk on the pier and when the water was deep enough we jumped in and floated. I truly enjoyed everything about Slovenia. The only thing I hated was their tolls. I truly recommend this country to anyone.

I lost my pictures taken in Slovenia. Pictures below are from Webshots

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a visit to the ancient town of Radovljica
the ancient town of Radovljica

Magical Sunset at The Bled Island (winner of the Inspirational Places creative challenge)
Magical Sunset at The Bled Island, picture source Webshots

Slovenia 2010 Bled Island 103
Slovenia 2010 Bled Island 103

Slovenia, Triglav national park
Slovenia, Triglav national park

Triglav NP - Triglav Lakes Hut 1
Triglav NP - Triglav Lakes

Slovenia 2010 Postojna Cave 104
Slovenia Postojna Cave


2008 Izola, Slovenia_06
Near the Izola beach, Slovenia


Adriatic sea, typical rock beach around Izola

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Radovljica, Slovenia
Common scenery near Radovljica, Slovenia

The picturesque Church of Assumption in Lake Bled, Slovenia (Better in full size)
The picturesque Church of Assumption in Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled
Lake Bled with medieval castle in the background

Lake Bohinj
Lake Bohinj

Julian Alps with mt. Triglav in the center background
Julian Alps with mt. Triglav in the center background

Postojnska Jama - Postojna Cave - Adelsberger Grotten - Slovenia - 6-2004 (29)
Postojnska Jama - Postojna Cave - Adelsberger Grotten - Slovenia

20090803_Trst-Postojna_0359 TRAIN-going
Train that carries you into Postojna Cave

2008 Izola, Slovenia_02
Marina of Izola, Slovenia

Picture taken near our Belvedere Campin by Izola