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--------Our Wonderful Time at the Village of Povoa Dao

We visited the village of Povoa Dao in December of 2007. We had a great time. My cousin Vitor Catarino from Febres and Ramos Catarino owned the village if I am not mistaken and he booked a place for us FREE of charge. We also ate at the restaurant and my cousin made sure we did not have to pay nothing. The food was absolutely exceptional. My cod with grilled potatoes was the best I had. (Bacalhau a Mouro)We were treated like royalty and Vitor was often phoning his employees to make sure we were well treated and we were enjoying ourselves. The employees even often opened the doors for the girls they felt like princesses. In the morning we did not want to have a big breakfast but they insisted and they filled two tables with all sorts of cheese, meat, pastries and much more. The rooms or I should say the houses were very comfortable and superbly decorated. Some house were in ruin but they were going to be renovated. Thanks again to Ramos Catarino and Vitor, this was one of our best days in our lives. Thanks to Vitor Catarino and Ramos Catarino

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