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Our Trip to Portugal dos Pequenitos (2006)

Our daughter and I, we went to visit this touristic site in Coimbra founded in june 8 1940. This park was an initiative of the politician Bissaya Barreto and created by the arcitect Cassiano Branco. I had been there before and I knew she would love it. In any way was she disappointed, she had a lot of fun visiting all the miniature monuments of Portugal. There were also pavillions from the former Portuguese colonies. There is also a small farm with some animals. There is also a section of miniature homes that represent different parts of the country. We spent a great afternoon.

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Isabelle standing in front of the famous portuguese tiles

Typical house from Tras-os-Montes

Asian pavillion from the old colonies

Isabelle looking at the animals in Coimbra

Sitting on a miniature fountain

Isabelles standing by a miniature windmill

Children park, the Virgin Mary Statue

miniature Window of the Chapter House (Janela do Capítulo) Tomar

Dragon probably from Macau China

Isabelle in front of a miniature church

Isabelle inside of a miniature church

The University of Coimbra

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