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Our Hiking Trip to Voss Norway 2012

We went to Voss Norway in August of 2012. We took the train from Bergen; it takes about an hour and 15 minutes to reach the train station of Voss, a distance of 100 km on highway E 16. In fact, Voss is one of the train stops on the route Oslo-Bergen. As soon as we arrived we tried to find Nordic Ventures, our kayaking tour company, which was a few blocks away. It's located behind The Park hotel, near the lake.

When we arrived, we met Jan (not a woman) the owner of the company. We arrived a couple of days early and we looked for an adventure in the area. Jan suggested to us to go for a hike nearby in the mountains; we thought that it was a great idea. We took the funicular to the top in Voss and we started taking the trail. We made our way to a mountain called Lonahorgi, it's in a county called Hordaland. The trail was probably rated novice to intermediate. Unfortunately we got away from the trail. Right after the funicular, the trails split in two, but you had to stay on the left. It did not bother us we went through the ski hill and we used mainly small dirt roads. There were some huts along the way and chairlifts, but we could see higher mountains further up. We were just looking for exercise and a place to camp and sleep if we were not to get to our main destination it was not a big deal. We went through a couple of farms. At one time, we had to walk between a bunch of cows and bulls. I did not like the look of the menacing bulls, but we did not have any problems. We stopped for a quick lunch nearby and enjoyed the scenery.

After a few kilometers, we started to get some altitude and we passed the treeline, it got colder in the same time the scenery got more spectacular. There was huge green valleys with numerous waterfalls coming down the mountains. I had never seen scenery quite similar. It felt like being in lush Hawaii less the palm trees.

We followed another dirt road until we found a fancy lodge. We realised it probably belonged to some people. It was locked as we climbed nearer the summit we found another little shack. We also met a gentleman who had biked up to where we were, he was not young, but he must have been in really good shape. He asked me to take some pictures of him. We were still a couple of kilometers away from the summit and it was getting late. We decided to attempt the summit next day.

We had all our camping stuff, but we felt we will be better off in the shack. It was windy and damp and sleeping in a tent did not get us too excited. We cleaned the shack who thankfully was equipped with a fire stove, few beds, candles and a small table. The hut was probably less than twelve by twelve ... feet not meters.

We had to look for wood, but it was not easy because we were passed the tree line. I found scraps of wood near the other cabin I also found also some roots and a little bit more. We had a comfortable evening. We used our gas stuff and we made ourselves a nice supper we had some drinks and warm beverages. There was a creek nearby and we boiled the water. We had a great evening. We used some bed springs that were stored. We did not feel good sleeping in somebodies old matress, bed and blankets. We had a great evening from our little castle and great views from our window.

We also went to walk and explore around the shack. There were panorimic views all around. There was also tiny alpine lakes and creeks. We took many pictures. I tried to climb on a rock that was sticking out in the void, typical for Norway. I tried to climb on it, but as I grabbed a piece of rock, but broke. I fell backward, I was lucky that I did not get hurt. I was also lucky that I did not fall backwards several meters in the void.

The next day we climbed up to the summit. We followed the post signs to the summit. There were a lot of old boulders to go through, but the trail was easy to follow. The scariest part was to go through a snow bridge, some were very wide. I was afraid that there was a creek underneath. I could see some footprints over the snow and that made me feel better.

We finally reached the summit where there is a huge TV tower. We took some pictures, there were very panoramic views of Voss, other mountains and valleys.

After awhile, me and Ward separated on our way down for a few minutes. We met again later. There are many trails to the top. We met a man, the first one we had seen that day, who asked me if we had asked permission to stay at the little shack, I said: "I thought that was a public hut for emergencies." The old man looked grumpy and unhappy. I said to him that we will pick all our stuff and that we will clean the hut. We were hoping that he did not take our stuff because there was a car by the hut.

On our way back we found the trail marked with a red T. The trail was more interesting and scenic than the regular road. When we reached the funicular, we had some cold drinks at the restaurant, there was amazing views. The beer were expensive but totally worth it after all that hard work. We still had the steep and muddy hill to go down. Overall, from the top of the mountain to downtown there were about ten kilometers. We went to get our luggage at Nordic Ventures and we looked for the Youth Hostel.

The Youth Hostel is right in front of the lake. but about a kilometer away from downtown. There was some construction blocking our way so we did not find it right away. The cost to stay there was about 50 to 60 dollars for a room with 4 0r 6 beds but if I recall correctly it was quite a bit cheaper in the dorm. They have an excellent restaurant and the breakfast buffet is awesome and it's included in the price of your room. It adds upstaying there because they charge for almost everything including towels and they do not have dryers and washing machines available to the public. They wash and dry the clothes for you for a fee. We had a good meal at the restaurant. Next day, we met with Jan again to plan our kayaking trip.

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Spectacular rocks near Voss

Small lakes or ponds near Voss

Mountain ranges serve as a background to small alpine lakes

Self-portrait...not exactly a success

Numerous waterfalls can be seen in the valley near Lonahorgi mountain

Colorful lichen make a piece of art

Myself in the trail

A lot of rocks have yellow lichen on it

Ward on the trail near Voss, near Lonahorgi

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Interesting rocks are common in Norway

Beautiful valley near the Voss ski hill

Our warm little hut, nice fire place and free

View from our little cabin near Lonahorgi

Near the summit of Lonahorgi

There was snow at this altitude

Crossing the snow bridges made me nervous

There are a row of poles that you can follow up to the top

Snow was hard even in August

Looking into the void

Ward walking across the trail near The summit

Ward near the TV tower of Voss and the summit

Standing on the summit of Lonahorgi

Voss Youth Hostel a view on the lake