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Our Trip to Bergen 2012

Ward Antoniuk and me took the plane in Gatwick, England. We used a cheap airline company called Norwegian Air. The flight London Bergen was about 250 dollars return. It was an excellent price. The lines at Gatwick were quite long, there were not enough workers. They were two in fact, for the whole plane. They did not offer you anything in the plane. Everything, you had to pay for it ... even the water. I had never been in a plane where they do not offer you water for free ... oh well. Once we arrived at the airport of Bergen Airport, Flesland, we had to wait in the tarmac to let passengers embarking to go by. I Never saw that before after 10 minutes of waiting, we started to be upset. Bergen, this ancient city, is located by the west coast of Norway, the airport is about 20 km from downtown. In February of 2013, it had a population of 268 000 (wikipedia)

At the airport we took a cab to our hostel, it was about 50 dollars to our hostel called Marken Gjestehus (47 dollars each, 2012). The airport, it was about midnight when we arrived the door was locked. I was getting nervous since we arrived later than what we had pre-arranged when I saw an employee arrive, I felt relieved. The hostel was very convenient, only a few blocks from the historical port. People were already sleeping there was a French man with his son. We were careful not to turn the lights to disturb them. The bed was small and creaky, but clean. We slept well.

The next day, we needed another place to stay it was already full for the night. Bergen is a busy place in the summer. It's highly recommended to book well in advance. We went to the tourist office by the Fishmarket. They phoned the YMCA and they had two spots because some people had cancelled. What a blessing.

We did not have anything to eat the next morning so we found a bakery and had a coffee outside right in front of the port. Once we were done eating our expansive breakfast, we went to visit the old port with the old wooden facade houses, the town was founded in 1070. A very amazing place...

We also took a bus tour we had earphones with English translation and commentaries. It costs about twenty dollars for the bus ticket. You were allowed to get out and comeback in the bus any time you wanted. We choose not to come out because we had little time. It was a fairly good tour. It was a good deal considering how expensive things are in Norway. We went by many museums, the Aquarium, the fortress, the City Park, the Fishmarket, the old part of town and much more.

After visiting also the fish market, one of the main attractions of town. We decided to go for a hike. We wanted to get some exercise and get out of town. One trail was often suggested it was the one that let to the top of mount Floyen. There is a funicular that goes to the top, but we preferred the long walk. We were not the only ones on that trail, a lot of fit joggers can be seen running.

Once we reached the top of Floyen we went to Brushytten 1.8 km away, we also went by a lake called Revurtjern. From there we hiked a few more kilomoters to a mountain called Rundemanen. There was excellent views of many valleys and mountains in all directions. Even if we were fairly close from Bergen, we felt that we were totally in the wilderness.

When we arrived from our long walk we went to the fish market to get some whale steak, smoked salmon and sausage. We also sampled different kinds of sausage such as reindeer and whale. We also tried all sorts of caviar. We did not try the most expensive kind, two thousand dollars for a little jar of few ounces. We got herself some fresh bread and brought it to the hostel. We were not allowed to drink wine.

We finished our excellent evening by watching the London Olympics. We watched the Canadian woman soccer team being cheated from a well deserve victory by the Americans.

Next day, we went to the train station a few blocks away from the Fishmarket and we bought two tickets for Voss a 75 minutes ride costing 150 nok which is about 20 euros. We had a scenic ride up to Voss. Bergen was truly an amazing place and we really enjoyed our stay.

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The Fishmarket in Bergen, great food

The port of Bergen

Expensive sail boats stationned by the Tourist Office

Bars and restaurants by the Fishmarket

People from all over the world visit this market..even Mick Jagger ate there.


The view by the Rundemanen Mountain...the picture can't tell everything

Small fjord can be seen...a hike from Bergen

Self-portrait in front of a small fjord near Bergen

Ward standing by a small hut with a typical Scandinavian grass roof

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