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The Tamiami Road

We rented our car at the Miami Airport. As we were driving we noticed that there were a lot of alligators in the channels by the road. Ward was really surprised to see so many of them. As we got out the car, he was not sure if he was getting to close to them. After awhile he became more used to them.

The Tamiami Trail is only a two lane road. It is also known as the 40 and 91. This road crosses Everglades National Park's northern border, it basically goes from Naples to Miami. It's also good road to take if you make your way to Key West.

It also crosses the Big Cypress National Preserve and other parks. There is a lot of places where you can go on air-boat tours in the glades. There are also native villages that you can visit.

There are also signs of panther crossings, but unfortunately we did not see any. Many species of birds can also be observed. One year my family and I drove through that road through smoke. There was a major fire, but the smoke did not blind us. We could still drive without too much difficulty.

We made our way to Everglades City. We rented our kayaks and made our way to Chockoloskee.

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Crocodiles are everywhere by the Tamiami Trail in Florida

Myself looking at alligators from a respectful distance

Alligator with his mouth open

Florida has beautiful swamps

Alligator swimming near the Tamiami trail

Fooling around, pretending to be a panther crossing the road

Alligators are everywhere

Do not try it at home, laying down by an alligator

Ward, fascinated by his first sightings of an alligator

Great Egret(?), The Everglades have many species of beautiful birds

Iron Rhino Saloon a cool place for a cold drink

Panther signs, but we never seen any live animal
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