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Our Trip to Mormon Key, Florida

We came to Mormon Key from Rabbit Key a trip of 14 km (9 miles). Across the bay on the north side there was an island, we had lunch there while we waited to let the wind subside. Ward, being only is third time on a kayak, did not like the size of the waves. They were about three to four feet high. I was also worried a little bit. After we finished eating our chili with rice. Ward sugested to try the waves, if we were not confortable we could always turn back. After, I went a few meters, I realised that the Kayak was quite stable. I just had to be careful about not being hit sideways by a wave. I almost had an heart attack when a dolphing jumped out of nowhere and dove underneath my kayak. It looked like a scene of National Geographic.

After almost a kilometer across the bay, I reached the shores of Mormon Key. There is a sign there. There was also a large group of fisherman. I felt bad that Ward had not arrived yet. I look and he was still a few hundred meters. I reached him but he told mo to go back. I just wanted to make sure he was ok.
Mormon Key had beautiful waters and white sand. We found a campsite away from the cowd of about ten people. We did some fishing and we headed to Turkey Key after the wind was less treatening. We came back later on as we decided to not continue for many reasons to Turkey Key.

The next day we cameback and did a lot of fishing. We saw a lot of dark dolphins. We caught some catfish and another tiny fish. We made some soup. While fishing, I saw a shark by my kayak and while fishing by the shore, a stingray sam by. One day we woke up early and the winds were terrible we knew that it was time to leave as we knew that the winds usually get worse later during the day. We were sad to leave and headed for the Watson's place.

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Sunset at MOrmon Key, Gulf of Mexico

Sunset going down on The Ten Thousand Islands, Florida

Mormon Key, main camping site

My friend Ward Antoniuk standing at Mormon Key

Our loaded kayak
North West corner of Mormon Key

Another picture of Mormon Key near the mouth of the Chatham River

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