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Our Trip to Key West (2009)

We went to Key West in 2009 after we spent a week kayaking in the Everglades. We travelled on the Highway number one also known as the Overseas Highway. This road has only two lanes for the most part and it can be quite busy during peak times. There are about 66 main keys from Miami, 208 km away and Key West. It's a very scenic route and you get to cross one of the longest bridge in the world, The Seven Miles Bridge. You have views of the Gulf of Mexico in one side and the Atlantic side on the other side. We stayed a day there and we went back to Homestead where we had a hotel to sleep. This was my second trip in Key West and I wanted to make sure that my friend Ward got to know this enchanting town.

First time, I had been here, I had brought my family for the day. We were camping in Key Largo. When we came back to Key Largo our tent was surrounded by water. We could barely reach it. Isabelle our baby was only a couple of months old.

Ward and I came by car, but let it parked. It's fairly easy to walk anywhere or you can take a trolley or use a rickshaw. The island is only 19 square kilometers. Ward truly enjoyed the town, it's culturally rich. There is a sign pointing to the fact that Cuba is 90 miles away across the Atlantic. There is a strong Cuban influence especially in the architecture. The town have beautiful sandy beaches, not too big. There are six main beaches not all of them are sandy. There is even one for the dogs. The place has also nice museums, restaurants and art galleries. We stopped at one art gallery. The owner was trying to sell us paintings of more than 100 000 dollars. There was paintings of a lady artist from Saskatchewan...not cheap either.

Ward wanted to visit some of the historical sites while I spend more time on the South Beach at the end of Duval street. Ward visited the house of Hemingway now a museum. We enjoyed to sit at restaurants, cafes and bars. The food is excellent. We missed Sloppy Joe's the favorite hangout of Hemingway. We felt sad leaving this maazing town one of my favorite town in Florida.

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Myself standing by the marker of the southernmost point in Continental U.S.A

Military base?

Naval Air Station Truman Annex

Somebody goin for a swim at South Beach, Key West

Perfect paint, a beautiful house with blue flowers and a bright blue door

Key West has beautiful gardens and fences

Key West Lighthouse & Keeper's Quarters Museum

Ernest Hemingway House seen through a fence

Casa Cayo Hueso - the southernmost house

Rich and Beautiful homes in Key West

A view of the Atlantic Ocean from the Southernmost Beach Cafe

To take a ride on a rickshaw is a good way to visit Key West

Ward took this picture...but me and that fellow were not together

Jamaican music at the Southernmost Cafe on South Beach

South Beach Pier at the end of Duval Street

View of South Beach in Key West, notice the winds (April)

On the other side of South Beach, kids jumping in the water

This hotel is called what else?? Southernmost Hotel

Famous post on South Beach, Key West Tennessee Williams said: "I work everywhere but I work best here."

Standing in front of South Beach

Gay and Lesbian Community Center

Key West Dollar Bar Willie T's

BO's Fish Wagon, the interior

BO's Fish Wagon, the outside entrance and the old truck

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The Conch Tour Train stop, a good way to see the town

Myself enjoying a Key West in Key West

Historical street in Key West

Pier in the Gulf of Mexico side

The dog with his necklace beads and glasses and the corner musician, there is a lot of colorful people in this town

Corner street artist offering tatoos

Key West's historic waterfront, Mallory Square

The Mallory Square, great shopping and exciting attractions

It's easier to leave your car parked, use the trolley, bike, motos or walk
Statue in front of the Old Post Office and Customshouse in Key West, now the Key West Museum of Art and History

Clinton Square Market on Front Street

Artsy iron staircase at the Clinton Square Market

Ward standing in front of Cannons

Myself in front of the Little White House, six Presidents have stayed there.

Another picture of the Kapok tree

Beautiful painted house with a yellow Tabebuia(?) tree

Myself standing in front of the Monroe County Court House

The Kapok is a huge and spectacular tree

Art in Key West even a brightly, colorful painted door offer some appeal

Cornish Memorial Ame Zion Church and Chapel in Key West, first black church in town

Birds and feral chicken can be found in the key

Entrance of Ernest Hemingway house

Red flowers in Key West, they had a lot of life

Modest houses in a modest street

Artists selling their paintings and crafts by South Beach