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Our Trip to Key Biscayne and Bill Braggs Cape Florida State Park

This is a wonderful place if you want to find a quiet place near the super busy city of Miami. When we visited there was a tennis tournament going on in the town of Key Biscayne. The park is about 12.6 miles from Miami or a 30 minute drive in good traffic. There is a bike trail that does a loop around the Bill Brags state park. It's about two miles long, you can rent bikes and quads. They are a lot of fun. There are two restaurants in the park, we tried the Boater's Grill and we loved it. The restaurant is located in front of the No Name port. The waters are really clean and you can see very colorful fish swim. There's also another restaurant called the Lighthouse Cafe. I learned that in Florida that they harvest Stone crabs and they pull one of their claw out, sell it out as a delicacy and throw the crab back to the water and the claw eventually grows back and the cycle continues.

It will be probably a great place to do a picnic. There are many spots for that purpose. We enjoyed swimming in the clear waters and sun tan. The beach is about a mile long and has been chosen by Doctor Beach, Steven Leatherman has one of the best in the country. The color is amazing a mix of blue and green. You can pick up corrals on the shore. There are corrals reefs nearby. The lighthouse was built in 1825 and reconstructed in 1848 apparently. We really enjoyed our day there, in general State Parks in Florida are awesome and the entrance fees are usually very affordable for families, this park in 2013 were charging eight dollars per car. If you go to Miami, this place is worth of a visit.

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Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park bike trail

Our family on a rented Quad bike

Water is exxtremely clear with tropical fish swimming

We had an excellent lunch at the Boater's Grill in front of the no name harbor

Girls climbing a tree by the Boater's Grill Rstaurant

The girls at Cape Florida beach voted as one of the ten best by Dr. Stephen Leatherman

Peaceful beach with clear blue waters at the Bill Baggs State Park

Cape Florida Beach looking toward Miami

Our family relaxing at the Cape Florida Beach, the lighthouse is the oldest strucutre in Dade County

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