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--------An Afternoon in Copenhagen

I came to Copenhagen after I purposely stopped here for a long layover in August 2014 on my way to Finland. My layover was of about eight hours that gave me enough time to visit the town and actually I also had enough time to go to Malmo, Sweden. My Norwegian airplane landed at the Kastrup Copenhagen Airport. My luggage were transferred to Helsinki so I did not need to pick them up or put them in storage. That was great. I think I bought a daily pass to travel in the subway and buses. It was not very expansive. Downtown is about 15 minutes away.It was pretty easy to go to downtown. The main attractions can be found in that area of the city. There were also the cruises that you can take. They were also very affordable. I did a cruise in one of those canal boats, they were very affordable. I wanted to maximize my time and see as much as possible because I only had a few hours. It was very scenic and I got to see a spectacular city from the water. The town looks somewhat like Amsterdam. There were colorful houses, red blue and yellow. we saw the Royal Naval Dockyards, palaces cathedrals, houseboats . It was also fun to see the Danish in their everyday lives. Copenhagen is an expensive city, especially the drinks and food. I will eventually had more info. Please be aware that tose pictures were taken with an Ipod.
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