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A Genealogy Guide

Before starting I recommend checking the site Portuguese Writing Letter Guide.

Here are some of the components of a good letter:

Date At the Top

The Name and Adress of the Adressee

Your adress. This usually goes in the top right corner.

Name of the person you are sending the letter to and his adress.

Start with Sr.,(Mr)Reverendo (priest)

A Greeting

Here are some examples choose the right one:
  • Prezado Senhor: or Senhora:
  • (Dear Sir:)
  • Estimado Senhor: or Senhora: (woman) or Senhorita: (Miss)
  • useful when writing to civil cervants
  • Estimado Reverendo Pàroco
  • (Dear Minister:) (Priest)
  • Estimado Bispo, Sua Excelência
  • (Catholic bishop)

A Brief Introduction

  • Introduce yourself: Meu nome é (my name is…) gostaria de receber o certficado de casamento de (I would like to receive the wedding certificate of ) Name of husband (full name) e de (and of ) Name of wife full maiden name . Eles casaram-se na
  • (They were married in)

  • Location of the wedding
  • choose the proper one:

    • Aldeia de
    • (village of)
    • Vila de
    • (town of)
    • Freguesia de
    • (parish of)
    • Cidade
    • (city)
    • no Conselho de
    • (municipality) no Distrito de (district)

      Please note: the city or municipality will not be enough; you also need to mention the parish.

  • Date of the wedding
    • no dia de The date they were married ex. 9 de Junho 2004

A Comment About Payment

  • Por favor gostaria de saber quanto
  • custa pela fotocópia e pelo seu trabalho.( I would like to know how much it wil cost for the photocopy and your work)
It would be to your advantage to send him a previous offering of $10.00 to $20.00 dollars.

Closing Statement

  • Agradeco-lhe por sua atencão
  • (I would like to thank you for your efforts)
  • Muito obrigado
  • (Thanks very much)

Truly Yours

  • Atenciosamente
  • sinceramente
  • cordialmente
  • Respeitosamente

Your Signature

Your E-mail, could go under your adress at the top

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