Historical Parish Books - An important source of Genealogy

The Parish of Pocarica, Cantanhede, Portugal


Historical accounts of towns or parishes are often published to commemorate their one hundred years or more of existence. Those books are a great source of genealogy and history. Hundreds of names are often mentioned often going back centuries. It will be possible to find some lost ancestors in those documents. You can order those books through the Junta da Freguesia (parishes office) in Portugal , Brazil and other Luso countries. Do not neglect this great source of information.

This is an example of an historical parish book that I dissected: Fragmentos de História da Freguesia da Pocariça do Conselho de Cantanhede (near Coimbra) Padre Manuel António Marques

  • They talk about the history of the place. The author retraces the origins of the parish as far as Roman and Moor times.
  • There is mention of the villages who are part of the parish. They also mentioned how some villages such as Montinho joined the parish. of Pocariça.
  • There is the first birth, marriage, and death certificates from the parish of Pocariça.
  • Detailed history of the churches of the town, going as far as 1630.
  • Poem on the church.
  • History of the Cruzeiro ("road altar") of Pocariça.
  • Oldest tombstones scripts (the most ancient 1841)
  • There is a list of sixty priests that were from Pocariça. The oldest record being Pedro Gomes born circa 1578 who died in 1648.
  • There are also many numerous stories of people and organizations who are included in the book. The stories are of people who are either famous or who have demonstrated an examplary religious life and great moral standards. Some of the people mentioned in those stories are: "Tio Antero", António De Lima Fragoso, Maria Carlota de Magalhães (Carlotinha), Dom Carlos de Sá Fragoso, Padre Vicente Pereira de Melo, Padre Cruz, Maria Ines Fragoso Martims Soares Gonçalves Pereira, D. Maria Augusta de Jesus Antoninho (São Caetano), Senhora Eugénia da Taboeira, Cadima, Padre Doutor António da Cruz Gomes, Monsenor Angelino Marques Craveiro, Fernando José Mendes Marques Maduro, de Cantanhede, D. Maria da Conceição dos Santos Cruz, de Ourentã, José Beato Mendes de Cantanhede, Maria Manuel Vasconcelos Pacheco Rebelo da Silva , Porto, Maria Luisa Pinto Leite de Utra Machado, from Lisboa, Ana de Jesus Pato, from Póvoa do Bispo, António dos Santos, from Pocariça, Dr. António Augusto Jorge Mendes, from Pocariça. Nuno Miguel da Silva Carvalho and Cristina Maria Gomes Leitão. Dr. António Luís Zamith Cerveira de Moura, D. Isabel Maria Gonçalves Marques Gameiro, from Vila Cã, D. Maria Fernanda Negrão Rodrigues, de Cantanhede.