General Portuguese Genealogy Links

  • Associacao Portuguesa de Genealogia
  • Anglicized California Portuguese Family Names
  • The Azores/ World GenWeb Project
    This site was designed as a resource for genealogists researching their ancestors; as well as, anyone having an interest in the Azore Islands.
  • Brazil Genweb
    Site interativo sobre genealogia brasileira. Inclui mapas dos estados e municipios, links para paginas de genealogias locais e dicas de pesquisa. Permite cadastramento de dados e sites pessoais. Membro da rede GenWeb mundial.
  • Cemetery Project in Portugal
  • Centro de Documentacao do Jornal de Noticias
  • Crypto Jews in Portugal
  • Cyndi's Portugal's List
    More than 209,300 links! 206,850 links, categorized & cross-referenced, in over 160 categories. Another 2,450+ uncategorized new links in the works.
  • David Silvera has an extensive set of records on the Portuguese of Jamaica.
  • Doug da Rocha Holmes
    He has excellent genealogical resources about The Azores and Madeira Island.
  • Family History Centers in Portugal .
  • Famous Portuguese Navigators
  • - A directory of genealogy resources and services.
    A large directory of genealogy resources and services covering a wide range of genealogical subjects.
  • Heraldica Portuguesa
  • History of Hawaii: The Pokiki: Portuguese Traditions
  • John's Portuguese Genealogy Homepage
    Good translaton helper.
  • List of the Adresses of the Portuguese Embassies, Consulates and Missions
  • Library of Congress: Portuguese Links
    Portals to the World contain selective links providing authoritative, in-depth information about the nations and other areas of the world.
  • Lusaweb
    A Portuguese Interest community specially dedicated to all of Portuguese ancestry in the United States.
  • Madeira Religious Exiles of 1846-1853
  • Madeira Sharing and Searching
  • Madeira Resources Mainly
  • Portuguese Hawaian Genealogy and Heritage
    This website explores Portuguese Hawaiian genealogy and heritage
  • The Portuguese-American Historical & Research Foundation
  • Portuguese in Trinidad Tobago
  • Portuguese Voters of 1872 in California
  • Portuguese Jewish Community of Tunis-genealogies
    The Portuguese Jewish Community in Tunis. The Grana Jews of Livornia in Tunis
  • Portuguese Association of Malacca, Malaysia
  • Portugal Genealogy Queries
  • Portuguese Royalty
  • Portuguese Genealogist Master List
    It's a list of surnames that have been researched. Maybe you can help them too.
  • Sephardic, Sephardim Genealogy and Jewish Genealogy
  • Sociedade Genealogica Judaica do Brasil
  • Stories of Californian Azorean Immigrants
    This work completes the trilogy on the Azorean immigrant. It began with the historical narrative entitled Azoreans to California: a History of Migration and Settlement. Next came the historical fiction, The Flight of the Hawk Islanders: an Azorean Emigrant Story, where the migration experience of one Azorean family was told. The third work of the trilogy is the present book, Stories of California Azorean Immigrants, where the reader can learn about numerous Azorean individuals and families who settled in California.

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