Confession Lists

This is a parish book where all names of people were entered after they went to confession and to communion during lent. Also, you will find the adress where people lived, their age and if they were married or not.Since kids under 7 years were not allowed to go to confesion their names will not be mentioned although some priest will right the names of the newborn and the deceased children. You will also find the names of the maids or others living under the same roof.

The Rol dos Confessados is a well organized and rewritten book . All villages of the parish are written in alphabetic order. All families of the village are listed, that is, the ones who went to confession which will be most of them, the members of the family and people living in the house are listed TOGETHER this is very important info when it comes to making your family tree. Other info. as I previously mentioned is also included.

The book that I viewed was from Febres, Cantanhede. The date on it was 1911. This book was located inside of the church. The older books, before 1900, are probably located at the city archives. I am not sure when those books were started but I know they were common in the 19 and 20 century. I will add more info on this site as I learned more about these lists.

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