Ancestors of the Candido Family

Family of Candido Jose Toscano born circa 1810
father and mother unknown (I am still searching)

Wife: Rosalia Gomes born circa 1810, her parents were Martin de Jose Mir Leal and her mother was also named Rosalia Gomes both were from Camarneira.

Note: The 25 of October 1845 Candido Jose Toscano went to Covoes he was asked to be the godfather of a male child. They named him Candido, it was common back then to name the infants the same name than the godfather. The child was the son of Jose dos Santos Carvalho and of Anna Gomes. The latter one must have been related to Rosalia Gomes.

Son and daughter of Candido Jose Toscano born circa 1810


Born on the 15 0f August 1846.
Wife. Maria Joaquina, house wife Godfathers:Jose Francisco das Neves from the Quintas de Camarneira (single) and the godmother was Anna dos Santos Migueis. She was the daughter of Manoel de villa de Mira.
Priest:Thome dos Santos Barreto.
Baptised on: August 27 1846.
Profession: worker, laborer


note:She had a iligitimate boy, while single, called Jose on the 26 of Sept. 1877 at 3pm .
Godfathers:Jose Maria Parrado or Passado,married,tailor .
Godmother:Maria de Jesus, laborer, single from Camarneira.


His name came often on few baptism certificates.He was the godfather of few kids who had single moms in the 1870's.We do not know if he was the father of Jose Candido Toscano for sure.

Son and daughter of Jose Candido son of Candido Jose Toscano


Born: On the 19 of Nov. 1871 (first child of the couple) Died: on the 15 Feb. 1953. Married status: She was single.


Born:on April 1875 at 2 am Died:on January 12 1960 at 4 pm Godfather: Antonio da Silva Safado, single and carpenter from Thomares (?) Godmother: Joaquina Gomes, single and laborer from Camarneira. Baptised on the 25 of April in Covoes Priest: same than his father, Thome dos Santos Barreto

Son and daughter of Antonio Candido


Born: on the 17 of July 1898 in Camarneira



Sons and Daughters of Manuel Candido MANUEL CANDIDO the 27 of Aug. 1931 in Camarneira

ARCILIA ( You left us so early...Married to Batista, kids: Elizabeth, Vitor, Cristina, ?)

CELIA ( Married to Antonio Raimundo: Kids: Lionel Raimundo de Montreal. Un tres bon gars. Ma tante tu nous manques... We miss you auntie)

JULIO ( Married to Celene ?, kids : Alcides Manuel et Sylvie )

LIDIA ( We miss you... Married Tio Custodio, daughter : Otilia)

ALCIDES( daughter Anabella)

Son and daughters of Manuel Candido jr

LIDIA ( Married to Fernando Costa , son: Jimmy Costa)

FERNANDO CANDIDO (me) Married to Tara Candido (see kids names below)

GINETTE (Married to Eric Jacques, le crazy canuck du jet ski)

Daughters of Fernando Candido

NADIA CHRISTINE CANDIDO born on Aug. 17 1995 in Edmonton Ab. Canada And ISABELLE MARIE born on June 23, 1998.Born also in Edmonton.
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